15 Nov 2018
The art of blockprinting & did I master it?
We have finally returned home from our yearly trip to India. What a fabulous time we had especially with ...
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05 Jan 2018
Have a Happy, Loving & Sparkling 2018!
Patchouli Fair wish you a fabulous & happy 2018! Our busy producers are currently in the process of making ...
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28 Nov 2017
Busy Busy Busy sewing on pom poms!
Busy busy bees sewing gorgeous colourful pom poms onto these striking patterned make up bags. They’ll soon be starting ...
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07 Nov 2017
Meet Raju…our producer of the month!!!
Meet Raju…our lovely machinist who makes our super new recycled silk skirts & trousers. What a star!!
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