Our Ethical Journey


Transparency and accountability

 Patchouli Fair is transparent in business dealings with all members of our supply chain

We create opportunities for disadvantaged producers

We deal directly with small family factories, co-operatives & desert tribes to create work opportunities that help to reduce poverty in rural India

No child labour

Patchouli Fair does not support any co-operation that uses children under the age of 16

Ethical practices

We pay our producers in advance & work with producers that pay their staff at or above the national wage average

Working conditions

We regularly visit our producers in India to help maintain safe & clean working environments & practices which equate to healthy working conditions & happy staff. We ensure that the staff have regular breaks & help with healthcare

Non-discrimination, gender equity and freedom of association

Patchouli Fair does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, age or background

A fair price is paid

We continue to pay a fair price to our producers and do not ‘haggle’. Our producers decide on the price and we pay it

Respect for the environment

Some our Patchouli Fair products are made of recycled silks and fabric remnants. It is important to us to have little waste & to recycle wherever possible

Promoting Fair Trade

We actively promote Fair Trade by wholesaling to many unique retailers around the UK and Europe. We also attend many festivals & events with our ethical travelling boutique, spreading the Fair Trade word