Do you have a minimum order?

We do not have a minimum order for Retail customers, but for Wholesale customers the minimum order is only £150 exc VAT.

How do I create a Wholesale Account?

All you need to do is go to the Wholesale category at the bottom of the page and complete the Wholesale application form and press Registar! That will then be sent through to our admin dept & we will be in touch with you as soon as possible. Until we have contacted you, you will only be able to view the Retail prices.

Apart from the website, are there any other ways of buying from you?

If you are a Retail customer the quickest way to order would be via the website. You could also order via our contact number 07981 945771. If you are a wholesale customer you could arrange for one of the Patchouli Fair team to come and visit you or order via our contact number.

How do I pay for my goods?

Retail customers can pay by Paypal, Credit Card or Cheque.
Wholesale customers can pay by all of the above including bank transfers or by setting up a 30 day credit account.

Can a wholesale customer pay by 30 day account immediately?

The first order for new wholesale customers cannot be paid for by 30 day account.

Are all of your products handmade?

A majority of our products are handmade. We work very closely with our producers who create the items, in-house, from start to finish.

Please can you tell me why your website is so floral & pink?

Because they happen to be two of my most favourite things!!

If you have a question that is not on the above list, please contact us: